Car Demolition and recycling

Cutter and tools for Car Demolition and recycling

Edilgrappa manufacture tools and cutters ideal for vehicle scrapping and recycling.


Greater efficiency

Time savings for each activity compared to traditional angle grinder method (risk of sparks, dust, noise,-danger of combustion or fire).

Wide range of applications

Extremely efficient cutting capacity: with our portable cutters it is possible to cut the catalytic converter in a single shot.

Less risk with cold cutting

Cold cutting has a near-zero spark generation, compared to ordinary cutting technology, preventing the production of harmful dust and fumes coming from combustion remainings.

The advantage is to be able to operate without risk even in the presence of flammable materials or fluids.

Benefits from our products

Made in Italy quality

Manufacturers since 1977

Specialized after-sales service

Direct assistance available for maintenance or repairs on all Edilgrappa products

For frequent use

Hydraulic solutions at 700bar working pressure

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