Nuclear power generation sector

Nuclear power generation sector

Why do Edilgrappa solutions represent an advantage in the nuclear energy production sector?

No risk of contamination

There is no contact between the tool, the hydraulic fluid and the operator thanks to the remote control that can be connected to the solenoid valves of the hydraulic unit.

Anti-jam solutions

We have seen many cutters in the industry often get stuck when needed most. This is why we equip our machines with a double-acting mechanism with a special anti-jamming system. This is why it is a “controlled cut”, the double effect can be interrupted and returned with the blade to its initial position at any time.

Technologies for precise operations

Avoid forcing or deforming the delicate metal structures trying to extract the punch; our Double Effect technology allows a quick and infallible extraction.

Punching for multiple situations

The availability of punching heads with different geometries allows the execution of holes on most of the existing profiles. For example, the PG22 / 60DE and 120DE 18V punching machines: they allow you to make holes on site even in the case of minor repairs or adjustments to the structure of the photovoltaic panel.

Can also be used with handling robots

Reduced weight and small dimensions allow the handling and positioning of the equipment by means of lightweight handling robots

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    The advantages of Edilgrappa products

    Made in Italy quality

    Manufacturers since 1977

    Specialized after-sales service

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    For frequent use

    Battery-powered solutions with 700bar operating pressure