Industrial controlled demolition

Cutters and tools for controlled demolition in the industrial sector

Edilgrappa produces cutters and tools that are ideal for controlled industrial demolition and in the construction sector.

Why is it often possible to see many Edilgrappa products in action in controlled demolition?

Metal cutting and bending solutions for maximum portability

Edilgrappa produces light and portable metal cutters and spreaders, easy to handle and use.

On site, many operators still cut with disc, or with bench shears or bending machines: with Edilgrappa products you can work directly on site!

Reduction of accidents on complicated operations

Controlled demolition is an activity that involves risks. Cutting with disc miter saws, as well as being tiring for the operator, is a potentially dangerous activity, considering the frequent work in elevation. Edilgrappa solutions represent a reduction in the difficulties of use: the distance of the operator from the cutting point is greater than with the disc miter saw.

Ready for hard work

The modern Edilgrappa cutters are highly versatile, able to cut cables, metal profiles and steel ropes with the same blade. The use of high-strength construction materials and the search for work standards for industrial use cycles, guarantee our machines one of the highest performance in this industrial sector.

Lower energy consumption for the hydraulic unit

Traditional cutting systems waste a lot of energy having the hydraulic unit always active. Edilgrappa systems help to save electricity: the hydraulic unit equipped with solenoid valves remains in Stand-by until the moment of actual use. Activation is instantaneous when the operating switch is pressed.

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    The advantages of Edilgrappa products

    Made in Italy quality

    Manufacturers since 1977

    Specialized after-sales service

    Availability of direct assistance for maintenance or repairs on all Edilgrappa products

    For frequent use

    Battery-powered solutions with 700bar operating pressure