Industry and cable cutting / demolition

Industry and cable cutting / demolition

Edilgrappa produces cable cutters that are ideal for industry and for companies specializing in the laying and removal of cables.

Why are Edilgrappa cable cutters chosen so often

Less risk from cold cutting

Cold cutting generates very little sparks compared to ordinary cutting technologies, avoiding combustion residues. The advantage is being able to operate without risk even in the presence of flammable materials or liquids, with very high cutting precision.

No harmful smoke from cutting plastics

Cold cutting with Edilgrappa cable cutters does not generate any harmful smoke, and has very low noise emissions in the work environment.

Less energy expenditure for the hydraulic unit

Traditional cutting systems waste a lot of energy having the hydraulic unit always active: Edilgrappa systems help to save electricity: the hydraulic unit equipped with solenoid valves remains in Stand-by until the moment of actual use. Activation is instantaneous when the shear operating switch is pressed.

Reduction of workplace accidents

Less sparks, less difficulty in use and the possibility of operating with a suitable technology: eliminates the risk of accidents caused by the miter saw!

These are the products most requested by the cable cutting / demolition industries

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The advantages of Edilgrappa products

Made in Italy quality

Manufacturers since 1977

For frequent use

Battery-powered solutions with 700bar operating pressure

Specialized after-sales service

Availability of direct assistance for maintenance or repairs on all Edilgrappa products