Furnaces for melting bars and goldsmiths

Furnaces for melting bars and goldsmiths

Edilgrappa produces shears and tools that are ideal for melting precious and non-precious metals.

Because Edilgrappa shears are chosen so often in foundries and goldsmiths

Metal cutting and bending solutions for maximum portability

Metal cutting and bending solutions for maximum portability
Edilgrappa produces light and portable shears and benders, pivoting and low consumption.
In the steel industry, many operators are still used to cutting with disc cutting, or with shears or bench benders: with Edilgrappa solutions you can work directly on site!

Greater effectiveness and efficiency in the cutting operations of molten material

Cutting with traditional solutions (for example the hacksaw cut) requires much more time than the seconds required by an Edilgrappa shear.
Our shears cutting cold and without scraps do not overheat the product, and avoid the loss of material by cutting.
Also ideal for testing materials (silver, copper, gold, tungsten …)

These are the products most requested by bar and goldsmith melting furnaces

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The advantages of Edilgrappa products

Made in Italy quality

Manufacturers since 1977

For frequent use

Battery-powered solutions with 700bar operating pressure

Specialized after-sales service

Availability of direct assistance for maintenance or repairs on all Edilgrappa products