Construction sites and building constructions

Shears and tools for construction sites and building constructions

Edilgrappa produces tools and shears ideal for construction sites and building constructions.

Because Edilgrappa products are used in many construction sites around the world

Rebar cutting and bending solutions for maximum portability

Edilgrappa produces light and portable shears and folders, pivoting and easy to handle.

On site many operators are still used to cutting with disc cutting, or with bench shears or bending machines: with Edilgrappa solutions you can work directly on site!

There is no need for three-phase or extensions on site

Unlike many 400V rebar cutting solutions, Edilgrappa makes battery (18V) or 230V current solutions available on construction sites.

Work better, with less effort

Those used to disc cutting or similar solutions know that operating involves a large amount of hand / arm vibrations. Edilgrappa shears allow use for long periods: the operator low level of hand / arm vibrations. In the most dimensioned solutions, the low weight is easily sustainable by means of a small balancer.

Less risk from cold cutting

Cold cutting generates sparks to an extremely reduced extent compared to ordinary cutting technologies, avoiding the production of harmful dust and fumes deriving from the overheating of combustion residues.

The advantage is to be able to operate without risk even in the presence of flammable materials or liquids.

Reduction of workplace accidents

Less sparks, less difficulty in use and the possibility of operating without extension cables on site: eliminates the risk of accidents caused by the miter saw!

One machine for cutting and folding

Only one portable machine MU22N allows cutting and bending; head replacement takes a few minutes. The advantage of Edilgrappa multifunction machines is that you can always apply new heads designed for life on the construction site, such as the stone cutter.

The advantage of specialist support

  • use with universal battery (DeWalt) readily available on the market
  • CE compliant machines – made in Italy with conformity certification
  • prompt assistance and spare parts

These are the most requested products for construction sites and building constructions

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The advantages of Edilgrappa products

Made in Italy quality

Manufacturers since 1977

For frequent use

Battery-powered solutions with 700bar operating pressure

Specialized after-sales service

Availability of direct assistance for maintenance or repairs on all Edilgrappa products